Force 9 Surfboards Dorothy Performance Twin Fin


Dorothy was created as a groveler with enough volume under the through the middle of the board to generate speed in small waves.

With a deep concave to vee behind the fins, it keeps the board flat through the middle for speed down the line and gives the board more curve in the rail rocker to bring this board alive through fast responsive turns.

Ride as a twin for a looser feel or add a rear stabilizer to add more drive in suckier conditions

Ride a few inches shorter than your standard board with about 5-10% more volume.

Can be custom built to suit your surfing

Available in Futures, FCS2 and set fin configurations

Starting from $795.00 incl GST ($850.00 as pictured with spray)

Twin X

Performance everyday twin fin with trailer option with a flatter rocker and more volume in the rails for speed and flow through turns.

Light single to double concave vee through the tail

Available in Futures, FCS2 or set fin options

Available to order from 5'4"-6'2"

Starting from $830.00 incl GST ($925.00 as pictured with spray)


Modern keel fin twin built for speed and maneuverability in small and less powerful conditions. Width under the front foot with a narrower swallow tail to still allow this board to be kept in the pocket

Chimed single to double concave bottom with vee out through the fins. Best ridden 2"-4" shorter than your height with 10-15% more volume than your standard board.

Supplied with fins

Available to order 5'0"-6'3"

Starting from $850.00 incl GST (as pictured)


Twin fin with optional twinzer small canard fins.

Flatter deck and low rails with a flyer squash tail. Single concave to vee behind the flyer.

Add the canards for more drive and hold in steeper waves.

Supplied with fins

Available to order from 5'8"- 6'8"

Starting from $855.00 incl GST ($955.00 as pictured)