Classic log shape inspired by boards of the mid 60's with a planshape featuring a narrower nose and wider tail. With a soft rolled bottom and pinched high rails for clean rail to rail transitions and a flatter rocker to for increased trimming speed this board is perfect for those wanting flow and control in their longboard while using the full length of the board.

In stock and available to order from 9'1" to 9'8"

Starting from $1550 incl GST


Built to maximise tip time the Force 9 Noserider has been refined over the years with input from our Team riders and shaper Sam Tehan.

With a wider planshape and chopped square tail designed to increase stability. A smooth flat entry rocker and soft concave in the nose to light vee through the back half of the board with an accelerated tail rocker to help the board pivot and turn. 50/50 rails to 60/40 soft rails in the tail.

Available to order from 9'0"-10'1"

Starting from $1550 incl GST